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Aldea Global

Aldea Global is a leading association of smallholder farmers in the mountainous region of northern Nicaragua, where the majority of the country’s coffee is grown. Founded in 1992, the association facilitates access to credit, technical assistance, and commercialization services for nearly 5,000 farmers.

Before joining the association in 2009, Santos Augustín walked two hours every day to a small plot of land where he grew beans and potatoes. Aldea advised him on how to start growing coffee by providing training on how to improve quality to receive higher prices, helped him apply for Rainforest Alliance certification, and gave him a loan to assist with the costs of certification.

Since working with Aldea for eight years, Santos has gradually increased his production and income. When asked about his goals for his family, Santos thinks of his son, Junior, and daughters, Oneida Junil and Jucdelin. “I want to continue prospering and planting and growing. I want this farm to be well established for each of our children to inherit.”

With a focus on environmental conservation, social impact, and gender equity, Aldea shares a similar vision of the future. Today, the association receives financing from five CSAF members: Global Partnerships, Incofin, Oikocredit, Rabobank, responsAbility, and Triodos. With greater access to capital, Aldea’s sales revenue has increased at a compound annual growth rate of 38% over the past three years.

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